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We help female entrepreneurs w/ an online presence for their Business/Brand via intentional branding strategies.

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About me

We design, build brands & digital projects.

I’m a brand stylist, photographer, visionary and Philanthropist . I specialize in creating exquisite brand identities and unique branding content for savvy modern-day entrepreneurs. Creating brands is my goal and guarantee! Whether you are a first blogger looking for direction or a business owner in need of discovery or revamping, my services are sure to help you achieve your desired goal.

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Web Design Services

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Social Media Mgmt/ Design

Coaching / Training

Beautiful results, excellent customer service and attention to detail!
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In this group, you will gain knowledge on how to present your business online. My goal is to help girl bosses create their brands using Canva and various resources (DIY). Join my FB Group Girl Boss Brand Society (DIY Design using Canva) to learn more.
Invite your Female Entrepreneur friends and those friends who need to go ahead & start that business “Sis”. Let’s grow together!! Join me inside!

What Our Customers Says


Tina, Exquisite Illusions is a very professional and reputable business that I highly recommend for any of your marketing, professional photos, websites, and more. I was well pleased with the services that were provided for my business.

Yasmin K.

Author & Coach

Katina knows how to make a brand POP! I love my website and all of its moving parts. I mean that literally because when you go to my website the pages move and the viewer moves with them….wanting to see what’s next!

I’m so proud of my website thanks to Exquisite Illusions! ❤
Katina C.

Author &
Nurse Anesthetist


If you want a combination of professionalism and creativity, then Exquisite Illusions is right for you. They helped with the launch of my brand new website, which brought my vision to life. Their efforts helped to increase my visibility for my business and increase my customer base. Their work truly is EXQUISITE!

Lovee W.

Attorney & Health Coach


Tina is down-to-earth and easy to talk to. I am an entrepreneur and I needed some guidance moving forward within my business. Tina asked me a series of questions to determine my state of mind (my goals) and offered advice accordingly. Her advice was very helpful and I began to apply them daily. My confidence in my business has improved and so have my products. Thank you.

Tamara R.


“Let me help you create an Exquisite Brand you’ll love!”
Tina Mac, Designer