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Are you READY to sharpen your SKILLS and MINDSET?

1 on 1 Trainings

My goal is to help as many people as possible improve their online presence in a stress-free manner. Whether you’re a complete beginner or you’re already using these programs and want to improve your skills, then the training is for you

The training will be conducted remotely via Zoom. You will receive 1.5 hours training session. During this training session, you have the opportunity to ask questions and show you how to create something AMAZING.

About the coach...

I’m Teena Mac, the owner of Tina McDowell Enterprises, LLC, a Web Design, Photography, and Branding company. I am a skilled brand stylist, photographer, and visionary.

I specialize in creating exquisite brand identities & branding content for savvy modern-day entrepreneurs. My services are structured to help you achieve your desired personal and/ or business goal.

1. I teach Entrepreneurs how to start a business.
2. I Create & Sell Digital Products.
3. I Teach Female Entrepreneurs how to present their businesses online (Girl Boss Brand Society) using Canva.
4. I offer 1 on 1 Trainings
b.Cricut (Design Space)
c.Computer Applications
5. One on One and Group Coaching
6. I am the founder of Jus Us Girlz Empowerment Network a 501c3 organization that helps women realize their value/worth by living their best life Right Now.

She is very patient and detailed in making sure her customers are satisfied with the outcome of a project.


Andrea N.


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Need help with your online presence? Personal and Business?

Make yourself proud. Turn your dreams into a plan. “The only way to thrive is to focus on what you love, develop knowledge and skills in the service of your passion, and be relentless in doing the work.”― Dragos Bratasanu

About us

Be part of this Creative Community.

In this group, you will gain knowledge on how to present your business online. My goal is to help girl bosses create their brands using Canva and various resources (DIY). Join my FB Group Girl Boss Brand Society (DIY Design using Canva) to learn more.
Invite your Female Entrepreneur friends and those friends who need to go ahead & start that business “Sis”. Let’s grow together!! Join me inside!
We are excited!

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