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I'm Almost 15 Years in Exquisite Design and 20+ years in Education.

I’m Teena Mac, the owner of Tina McDowell Enterprises, LLC, a Web Design, Photography, and Branding company. I am a skilled brand stylist, photographer, and visionary.

I specialize in creating exquisite brand identities & branding content for savvy modern-day entrepreneurs. My services are structured to help you achieve your desired personal and/ or business goal.

1. I teach Entrepreneurs how to start a business.
2. I Create & Sell Digital Products.
3. I Teach Female Entrepreneurs how to present their businesses online (Girl Boss Brand Society) using Canva.
4. I offer 1 on 1 Trainings
b.Cricut (Design Space)
c.Computer Applications
5. I am the founder of Jus Us Girlz Empowerment Network a 501c3 organization that helps women realize their value/worth by living their best life Right Now.

Tina McDowell

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